Live Surgery

For more than 20 years we´ve been broadcasting live surgeries all over the world.

We have specific equipment for each type of surgery and highly trained professionals on the surgical environment. 

Visión Producciones was the first company in Argentina to broadcast an odontological 3D surgery and the first company in Latin America to broadcast a live HD ophthalmological surgery via satellite.

We will adapt the broadcast to your necessities, either by satellite, microwave or the internet. Our experience includes broadcasting all kinds of surgical procedures on the following fields: odontology, ophthalmology, general surgery, coloproctology, urology, traumatology (including arthroscopy, hip/knee/shoulder replacements and spine surgery), and neurosurgery among others.

We also have experience on different surgical setups all over the the world, especially in Latin America (including Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay).